Warnings and Sanctions

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Warnings and Sanctions

Post  Admin on Wed Dec 09, 2009 12:15 pm

If you violate one of the rules and/or the staff feels that you have:

The 1st step is to remove your posting rights for 24 hours from when a staff member has put the block on your posting rights. You will receive a PM as to why this has happened . Only staff and yourself can see this meter so no one else will know that your ban is in place or why you have been blocked.

The 2nd step is to remove your posting rights for one (1) week.

The 3rd step is to remove your permanently from the forum.

Major offenses will not be tolerated. While we do have the three warnings rule, such offenses can warrant a user immediate termination from the forum. Basically if you don't want to be banned or blocked, then don't break the rules that are in place to protect everyone.

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