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Management Dress

Post  salkster on Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:43 am

Read this on the nonleaguezone

Money at a premium. Clubs scraping together playing budgets at every turn. So what do the numpties charged with organising this league think is the most pressing matter facing everyone?

Management dress.

That's right kids, the management of your club have been issued with the following:

1x polo shirt, 1x t shirt, 1x pair of shorts, 1x woolly hat, 1x pair of socks, 1x Bench Coat, and best of all 1x pair ¾ pants.

No jumper or rain jacket but ¾ pants.

Should they see fit not to wear it, its a £25 fine. Refs to inspect, pre match.

What an absolute shambles this mob are. WTF are they doing wasting time, and money, with such a ludicrous idea?

Is this for real?! I mean first they decide to start the league a week later after all the postponements last year and they decide on mmanagement having to dress up properly. If I didn't know better I would think the circus is in charge Shocked
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