NFU 5 - 2 Steels

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NFU 5 - 2 Steels

Post  steveylongold on Sun Sep 26, 2010 1:14 am

Very disappointing yesterday, after looking so bright early on, we seemed to roll over and die. We capitulated second half and just couldnt break NFU down.
We looked vulnerable everytime the ball was put in our box. They outplayed us through the middle and looked the brighter team for the majority of the game. Schoey and Hawsey had poor games today, they both looked tired and struggled as the game went on.

On the positives Muldoon looked sharp again first half and a great goal by Wardy again. Changes needed on Tuesday In my opinion, we can't go on conceding like we are.

Have we an update on Dawson?
What's happened to Davis?

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Re: NFU 5 - 2 Steels

Post  GM on Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:05 am

Kevin Dawson has a slight tear of his cartilage and will be out for a further 4/6 weeks. Kevin Davies has a groin strain and could be out for a couple of weeks.

I totally agree with your comments about our defending, woeful in the last two games. Rest assured I will be looking for a vast improvement on Tuesday, even if it has to be with new faces.

I was embarrased by our 2nd half performance yesterday and can only apologise to the supports that went to Ferriby. It wont me!

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Re: NFU 5 - 2 Steels

Post  Tim Burr on Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:36 am

Couldn't make the game on Saturday but it sounds as though we have missed the two Kevin's. From GM's post above I get the impression that he's run out of patience with the teams defending.

Tim Burr
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Re: NFU 5 - 2 Steels

Post  David Bradley on Mon Sep 27, 2010 10:45 am

Maybe a tatitical change maybe needed. Why not try the sweeper system, not widely used I know but it should give our back 4 some protection from some of the quick strikers we have seen this season.






Obviously they will be players injured or on the wrong side, but hopefully you can see what I mean by protecting the back four. It also keeps our attacking strength don't want to lose that they are on fire. Both Davis and and ludlem both like to get forward to help the midfield with schoey they for protection. Too many nights on football manager I think. If Davies is injured could push Haigh out to full back and bring in Green into the center.
David Bradley
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Re: NFU 5 - 2 Steels

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